Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

Here's a note I sent to Bank of America today. It speaks for itself:
I just spent 3:30 minutes on the phone activating my new (physical) credit card. I am deeply offended that you forced me to listen to over 2 minutes of advertising for a service that is unnecessary and, quite honestly, borders on a scam. [I am referring to the "credit protection" service banks offer for a couple of bucks a month.]

I was only annoyed, but I can't believe you would take money from people who TRUST you, and then turn around and sell them a service which they legally can get for free. []

Isn't your customers' trust worth more than another dollar of margin a month? If your customers don't trust you - you'll lose a lot more than $1/month.

However, the bottom line for me is that I find it deeply offensive that I have to listen as a captive person on the phone to a slimy advertisement when all I wanted to do was activate my credit card.

Just because you can play a commercial, doesn't mean you should. Next time, I will cancel the card instead of putting up with your inane advertisements.

Appreciate my business instead of insulting me or I will take my business to a company that does appreciate it.