Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hurling down the low road at a breakneck pace - McCain Internet Ad

While searching for a quote on Communism today, look what I ran across! 

The advertisement is paid for by the McCain campaign and it opens a link to weird "petition" (i.e., campaign mailing roster) regarding energy independence on McCain's website.  How very, very sad. McCain's entire campaign has become "anti-Obama" instead of why people should vote for McCain....  I actually gave money to this guy in 2000 in the hopes he'd be the Republican nominee over George W. Bush!  Wow, how times have changed!!

Update: Even sadder - on two levels. First, rated this claim a "Pants on Fire" lie (a rarity in their ratings). It certainly is a "different kind of campaign" when John McCain pays for blatant lies after they've been pointed out. The even sadder bit? It was the Florida GOP that started this rumor:-(