Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Really? Tasers are "great fun?" Really?

Amazingly disturbing video from Ad Age interviewing the Taser EVP of (not really all that) Strategic Communications. Most amazing thing to come out of his mouth - and there is a lot to choose from - Tasers are "great fun." Really? Considering we're discussing ethics this week in Basic Marketing, I can't imagine a more interesting case study regarding whether marketing a product is ethical or not. Calling Tasers "fun" just seems insanely irresponsible! Nick Papas, the EVP, has "worked for Taser for a year." I think it's time to let him go..... 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me onto Pandora. It is almost like it can read your mind!

Anonymous said...


What is this dude thinking? Nice try with the "we really love our product and connect emotionally with it". Talk about a wrong usage of attempting to tie emotion in with marketing a product.

Oh and I love the pseudo-"empowerment" gimmick they are trying to sell to women. (”Grrrl power” is so 1990s.) Not to mention that the "women's" tazer looks like some sorta electric shaver for women to use on their legs or maybe their faces if they are into that. Erm... moving on.

More laffs at, "this year we are going to invest 14 million in additional R & D", last year we invested 3 to 4 million". So what he's saying is that he and the company have decide to waste almost 4 or more times as much money as they did last year?

The company won't be debt-free for long if it keeps blowing cash on developing useless products such as these tazers.

The boys need to go back to the drawing board and stop spending money on developing products that no one wants or will use.

I'll keep my pepper spray.

Besides, pepper spray is fun when you tell someone at a cocktail party that it's binaca, just kidding.

To conclude, Pappas means 'priest' in Greek. This product isn't saintly at all. However, the pitch is sanctimonious to imply anyone would ever buy the product.

REAL said...

I didn't take his comment as being hit by a Taser is a lot of fun but being part of a successful and effective product is a lot of fun. And if this company is able to fulfill the need of safety with a Taser over a gun more power/profit to them. It could lead to a reduction in the number of deaths due to accidental shootings.